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July 1, 2017 - Permanently closed due to Car Accident


Dear Customers:


It is with sadness that we have to send this letter to all our customers.  After more than 40 years in business, Fabian China and Glass will have to permanently close its doors due to injuries sustained from a car accident in April 2015, where a car went through a red light and hit our vehicle.  Unfortunately the injuries have resulted in many appointments, therapists, treatments, surgery and pain, leaving us unable to run the business or repair items that were left with us.


We can’t fully express our deep sadness with this decision, as we know that many of you were patient and hoping that business would be back to normal at some point.  This is no longer a possibility, and the doctor has confirmed this.  There is much gratitude for your business, referrals, returned business and support over the years.  Working with customers over the years has been an absolute pleasure, especially being able to restore broken heirlooms, memories and treasures.

Our last effective day of business will be June 29, 2017.  After this date we will no longer be able to store your item(s), and will have no choice but to dispose of them, which is why we are trying to contact you to prevent this from happening.  Please see the following details of how the closing transition will work.

Pick up ALL item(s) by June 29, 2017

Unfinished AND Finished.

All remaining customer items after June 30, 2017 will be removed from store premises permanently.


May & June 2017       Tuesdays         10am-2pm 

                                    Thursdays       2pm-6pm


Due to the volume of customers, we will be unable to answer the phone in May, and will have limited email response.

In June we will be answering email only for those customers who are unable to pick up in the two month window. 


*For customers who are out of town, or who are located out of the region, we can make special arrangements to ship your items.  Please contact us in June by email.


Thank you again for your business, and also for understanding the circumstances of the store closing.  We regret that we were unable to repair every item that was left with us, and thank you for your understanding in this situation.



Elizabeth Fabian




 Fabian China and Glass Repairs

Upstairs Studio:  7159 McKay Ave. Burnaby

THE HOUSE IS SEPARATE FROM THE STORE, therefore we ask kindly,  please do not ring the house bell if the store is closed and return during open hours.  There will be signs directing you upstairs to the store.