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Update Change!


We are still temporarily closed due to a car accident and resulting injuries. 

New items are not yet being accepted.

However, for existing customers who wish to pick up their items rather than wait until work commences again, pick up can be made on WEDNESDAYS.

This Wednesday, we are only accepting pick-ups on June 1, 10am-12pm.

Sorry for the inconvenience this situation may have caused, and thank you for understanding.


For customers who wish to pick up their items rather than wait until work resumes, pick up can be made on Wednesdays. 

1. Please make sure to bring your Item Repair Order Sheet. We will not be able to find your item without it.

2. Please go UPSTAIRS to the store. The door to the store may be locked, please knock on the door and then someone will open the door.

3. Please be patient while we look for your item as we cannot look up items ahead of time.


Fabian China and Glass has been in business for over 40 years and is located in Burnaby, BC, Canada.  Our mission is to serve the public with quality work and great care, and to restore and preserve broken, chipped, cracked or missing pieces to the best of our knowledge and ability.


 Fabian China and Glass Repairs

has moved to:

 7159 McKay Ave. Burnaby!

A studio has been set up in the upstairs portion of 7159 MacKay Ave. in Burnaby, which is a residential area with a business license - until we find an appropriate commercial location.  This is about 10 minutes from our current location, south of the Metrotown area and Central Park.

We have the SAME hours of operation - please see "Contact Us" for details.

THE HOUSE IS SEPARATE FROM THE STORE, therefore we ask kindly,  please do not ring the house bell if the store is closed and return during open hours.  There will be signs directing you upstairs to the store.